CEO and Co-Founder of Manimal Group, Manimal PR and Manimal Films.

After a long and successful career as a stylist and a fashion editor, Paul Beahan took his love for music and art and established one of the most influential record labels in the last 2 decades. With an incredible instinct and eye for talent and trendsetting; Paul quickly became a leading innovator within the music industry, igniting and giving life to some of the most exciting careers in music. 



Nathalia Bas-tzion beahan

Owner and Co- Founder of Manimal PR and Manimal Films. Starting out in the industry as a musician and artist, Nathalia herself toured across North America, Europe & The U.K

Relocating to Los Angeles in 2013, Nathalia was brought on board to spear head the PR company and help transition the in-house firm into an international establishment.









National Publicist + Musician, Livvy hails from Austin, TX. It was there she received her BA in Music Business from University of Texas '17. Livvy now lives and works in Los Angeles.




National Publicist + Visual artist originally from Chicago, Kelly recently moved to Los Angeles from Nashville. She graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale with a BFA in Printmaking and Drawing.